Spicy, sweet, salty, savory. Snack foods come in every flavor, with new and unique creations being invented every day.


Are you looking to add some zip to your crackers? Or create a unique new flavor for potato chips? Perhaps you’d like to develop a shakable seasoning for meats, salads or popcorn. Flavor can be added to any food – in a wide variety of forms – and the flavor options are infinite. We would love to help you create a special product that sets you apart from the competition and turns your customers into true fans.

Flavor Delivery Systems

Flavor can be delivered in a variety of ways—it all depends on the product and desired effect. Blending science with art, we help you craft the ideal form, function and flavor to meet your needs.


Easy to apply and incorporate into a wide variety of products, from gels to pastes to liquids and more.

Spray Dry

Offer a burst of initial flavor; a great option when the base product makes liquid difficult to use.

Flavor Crystals

Add visual appeal, mask active ingredients, and deliver timed flavor release.


Perfect for seasoning, shaking or sprinkling for a hint of flavor.

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