When it comes to flavor, the possibilities are endless. We strive to perfect the combination of flavor and form to deliver outstanding products. Whether your goal is to boost shelf visibility or your bottom line, we promise to work in partnership with you to make your business more successful.



Our flavorists and technicians work in our state-of-the-art facility where we design, develop and test new flavor combinations, forms and products. Blending the science of chemistry with artistic expression and a passion for quality, we use the latest technologies to bring unique, new flavors to market.

Innovation Lab

We are responsive to your needs and have the agility to move quickly. Our applications experts have the experience and creativity to take on any flavor challenge. From the perfect mint chocolate to sweet brown flavors for beverages, we are continually innovating successful new ideas and products.

Mint Growing Regions

Callisons has direct access to peppermint and spearmint fields in regions spanning the globe. Each region offers its own distinct flavor, smell and analytical profiles that our flavorists and R&D team analyze and use to create the perfect mint flavor for your brand.


World Wide

Quality Control

Our experienced team of flavorists, chemists and flavor specialists has over 130+ years of cumulative experience in flavors. Our senior flavorists have an average of 20+ years of industry experience and continue to mentor the next generation of Callison flavorists.

Callisons’ quality control is state of the art. We have all the tools necessary to test, evaluate and manage the complex world of flavors. Our testing includes pesticide and contaminant testing on incoming natural products, and routine GC analysis of all incoming and outgoing materials. In-process and wet analytical testing are applied when necessary and appropriate. Sensory testing is part of our daily activities because we understand that while materials may conform analytically, it is the taste that matters. All of our systems are compliant with GLP/GMP, our methodology is specific for use in flavors and fragrances, and we maintain BRC certification status for all three facilities, as well as Orthodox Union and Halal Certifications.

Callisons does not accept any materials that do not conform to our high standards of quality. We do not ship any materials without first checking them against past production in blind sensory testing to avoid any bias. Our sensory panels include blind studies and market studies, and we have third party labs that can do both market testing and efficacy studies. In most cases, Callisons tests in the target media: chewing gum, oral care, confection or any other media appropriate. Our applications laboratory is well versed in multitudes of products, and this knowledge allows us to get it right the first time every time.

In addition, we are actively involved in various industry groups to help formulate policies and stay current with food safety regulations.

IFT (Institute of Food Technologists)
SFC (Society of Flavor Chemists)
BRC (BRC Global Standards)
NAFFS (National Associaton of Flavors and Food-Ingredient Systems)

Our Position on GMOs

The safety and quality of the ingredients we produce is our primary focus.

We recognize that businesses and individual consumers have questions, opinions and strong preferences about the role of genetic modification in our food and ingredient supply chain. The safety and quality of the ingredients we produce is our primary focus and we work with a variety of customers that have varying opinions on the use of GM ingredients. GM ingredients have been in our global supply chain and on store shelves for over 20 years and are one contributing factor to managing ingredient costs.

The majority of the ingredients used in the creation of our flavors are non-GM. We carefully manage the storage, manufacturing and handling of all ingredients and segregate all GM to ensure there is no risk of cross contamination. We are scientists, flavorists and business people and as such, we actively monitor regulations, consumer preferences and trends. We will continue to be part of the evolving dialogue regarding GM and will remain focused on creating safe, quality ingredients for our customers around the world.

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