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Since 1903, we have innovated mint production and flavor profiles. With a century of experience in geographic and cultural flavor preferences, we serve customers in nearly every region on earth.

Today, our flavorists are hard at work with our applications lab designing, crafting and testing new flavors—along with new and innovative ways to deliver them to make unique flavors and meet your pricing expectations. We blend scientific expertise, creative passion with scrupulous attention to quality so we can develop innovative products— from form to flavor—to consistently deliver the results our customers want.


I.P. Callison began in the Pacific Northwest in 1903 as a horse and buggy operation trading in cascara bark. Through two world wars, changing global supplies and shifting consumer demands, Callisons continued to innovate and thrive by embracing new business opportunities and markets. Today, Callisons is the leading supplier of mint oils and flavors in the world. And we’re constantly thinking ahead to what’s next.

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Callisons is headed by a team of seasoned professionals with a depth of leadership experience, and a shared passion for flavor innovation and customer success.

Jim Burgett, CEO

Jim Burgett is the 4th generation leader in the family owned Callisons flavor company. He has worked in all levels of the company with a singular dedication and passion to grow the business. As CEO, he continues to provide the vision and direction for the ongoing success of Callisons.


Callisons has been an integral part of the local community since our founding in 1903. Here are some of the partners and organizations we support today.


Callisons began with one cartload of bark and has grown to become a global leader in flavor innovation. That could only happen in a place that rewards opportunity-seekers, inventors and flavor technicians with a passion for creating distinctive tastes for customers around the world.

We are proud to partner with companies large and small—local and global—to solve flavor challenges, design new tastes and develop innovative products.