Callisons Leads the Mint Market

Since the 1940s, Callisons has been innovating and guiding the mint industry to ensure its long-term sustainability and success through grower partnerships, technology and more.

Mint Harvest

Each year, Callisons works directly with the growers throughout the harvest process. Helping indicate the ideal time to cut the crop to result in best quality and maximum quantity yields.


We work with growers at the distillation centers to create a more economically and environmentally friendly distillation process. We are constantly evaluating ways to reduce resource use such as water and energy.

Oil Sampling and Evaluation

Callisons receives a sample of every drum of oil that our growing partners produce. Each sample is evaluated organoleptically by a trained panel and analyzed by our state of the art instrumentation.


We create blends, finished oils and flavors to meet your specifications and are consistent batch to batch.

Consumer Goods

These flavors bring freshness and smiles to consumers chewing their favorite gum, brushing their teeth, drinking their favorite drink and more!

History with Mint

For nearly 80 years, Callisons has been growing and innovating in the natural peppermint and spearmint space. Some of our most proud accomplishments include:

  • Bringing spearmint to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest. This move resulted in spearmint oil production growing from roughly 32,000 pounds a year to over 1.1 million pounds of spearmint oil a year over the next decade.
  • Working directly with mint farmers to develop a stripper unit that reduces the amount of mint oil left in water used to distill the mint plant. As a result, contamination of freshwater streams has been dramatically reduced.
  • Discovering methods to double cut peppermint in the same season which increases yields and lowers the cost of oil for the consumer.
  • We led the way in driving spearmint oil to enter Southern Alberta, Canada due to drought conditions and as a result, high prices in the traditional growing regions.

Sustainability and Innovation

Callisons is proud to be viewed as a leader and innovator in the mint space, including our involvement and leadership in mint industry organizations such as the Mint Industry Research Council, various regional grower organizations and more.

Les Toews Research Greenhouse

The Les Toews Research Greenhouse (LTRG) is Callisons next step in continuing to guide the mint industry into the future. Currently, there are only a few mint cultivars that are used in the commercial production of mint oil. The LTRG is currently exploring the use of novel mint varieties not only from North America but regions throughout the world. Callisons is searching for the next mint cultivar that can change the landscape of mint, whether that is through disease resistance, improved yield, and/or tolerance to drought conditions. The facility contains over 250 mint cultivars and a smaller number of flavor-producing plants. They are organized by chemotype (dominant chemical compounds), as well as flavor groups.

3 Main Goals of the Greenhouse:

  1. Serve as a comprehensive repository of mint cultivars
  2. Develop mint cultivars for commercial applications
  3. Small scale production of essential oils

Shubh Mint

We are proud to be a part of the Shubh Mint program in India where various organizations within the mint industry have invested in stabilizing and growing the mint industry in India. The goal of Shubh Mint is to increase income for mint growers in the targeted regions, increase the available of quality mint stolons to small farm holders in the region, establish a quality supply chain of mint oil and increase social capital for women in their communities.