Confections are sweets that evoke happy memories, connect us to other cultures, and indulge our senses. From candy canes to taffy to chocolate and more, confections reward us with the simple, joyful experience of tasting something pleasurable.


We see flavor as a tool to help confections tell stories, rejuvenate spirits and spread smiles. Our flavorists and technical foodies work hand in hand with you to understand your needs and local market desires. Serving the global confectionery industry for decades, we understand evolving taste preferences around the world. We meticulously match flavors to global cultural expectations, and develop confection concepts that tease out your product’s unique expression and characteristics.

With a broad spectrum of flavors, and the know-how to transform them into incredible tasting products, we can help you create memorable, deliciously flavored treats that surprise and delight your audience.

Product Forms



There are literally hundreds of varieties of chocolate in the world, and more being created every day. Our flavor-matching experts are skilled in evaluating the taste properties of an individual chocolate, and designing complementary flavor that enhances the consumer’s enjoyment.



Refreshing and sweet, breath mints require the right combination of flavor chemistry to create the best sensory experience. Our heritage in mint means we have the knowledge to develop perfectly tuned formulations that deliver satisfying flavor, appealing color and active ingredients.


Candy & Gummies

Hard candies, chewy candies and gummies are all sweet treats that can be packed with flavor. But each product differs in texture and mouth feel. With a wide range of flavor options and delivery mechanisms – from powdered coating for an initial burst of flavor to a soft gel center for a surprise secondary flavor layer – our imagination and creativity are boundless.


Functional Confections

Chewy vitamins for kids. Hard candies with medicinal properties. We can design confections that deliver both enjoyment and health benefits. Our flavorists are experts at masking unpalatable flavors in bio-active ingredients to create a tasty treat with functional benefits.

Flavor Delivery Systems

Flavor can be delivered in a variety of ways—it all depends on the product and desired effect. Blending science with art, we help you craft the ideal form, function and flavor to meet your needs.


Easy to apply and incorporate into a wide variety of products, from gels to pastes to liquids and more.

Spray Dry

Offer a burst of initial flavor; a great option when the base product makes liquid difficult to use.

Flavor Crystals

Add visual appeal, mask active ingredients, and deliver timed flavor release.


Perfect for seasoning, shaking or sprinkling for a hint of flavor.


There are as many flavors as there are ways to enjoy them. We are continually exploring and developing new flavors to meet the evolving taste preferences of consumers around the world.

Product Enhancers

Looking for something to give your product a little something special? Maybe you need to refresh an old standard, launch a brand new product, or add ingredients to boost health and wellness. Our applications team is in the lab every day, exploring unique product concepts that enhance flavor in new and exciting ways.

Cooling Blends

Boost or extend the fresh feeling with long lasting cooling that targets specific locations in the mouth.


Expand market share by adding vitamins or pharmaceuticals to your products, blending good taste with good health.

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