Chewing gum is an enjoyable healthy sensory experience. It offers “on the go” benefits like fresh breath and oral satisfaction.


Flavor matters. So before we create any product, we first seek to understand your needs and consumer preferences. We evaluate the market landscape and explore regional tastes. Then our team of flavorists goes to work in our applications lab to develop and test unique flavor concepts aligned with the gum form. It might be a slab gum with a unique dust-coating for an initial flavor burst. Or a hard-shelled pellet with a soft center for a second layer of flavor. Whatever the delivery system, our team has the expertise to create a unique, flavorful, satisfying chewing experience that will meet your needs.

Product Forms


Slab Gum

Slab gum allows for the widest variety of flavor application while being the most cost effective and energy efficient form of gum. It’s ideal as a vehicle for new innovative ideas, like incorporating multiple layers or encapsulated flavors.


Dragée Gum (Pellets/Pillows)

The crisp crunch of the coating signals the mouth to expect a crisp, clean, breath-freshening gum. Multiple layers allow our formulators to explore a wide variety of flavors, flavor forms and sensory experiences to create a delightful, new chewing experience.


Compressible Gum

Compressible gum is the ideal form for incorporating unique additives like vitamins for health, or colorful crystals for visual appeal and secondary flavor release.


Functional Gum

With more consumers seeking health benefits in gum form, new opportunities for innovation and creativity are boundless. We can develop and modify gum bases to handle specific loading challenges of raw ingredients, such as nicotine or pharmaceuticals, to create a satisfying and healthful chewing experience.

Flavor Delivery Systems

Flavor can be delivered in a variety of ways—it all depends on the product and desired effect. Blending science with art, we help you craft the ideal form, function and flavor to meet your needs.


Easy to apply and incorporate into a wide variety of products, from gels to pastes to liquids and more.

Spray Dry

Offer a burst of initial flavor; a great option when the base product makes liquid difficult to use.

Flavor Crystals

Add visual appeal, mask active ingredients, and deliver timed flavor release.


Perfect for seasoning, shaking or sprinkling for a hint of flavor.


There are as many flavors as there are ways to enjoy them. We are continually exploring and developing new flavors to meet the evolving taste preferences of consumers around the world.

Product Enhancers

Looking for something to give your product a little something special? Maybe you need to refresh an old standard, launch a brand new product, or add ingredients to boost health and wellness. Our applications team is in the lab every day, exploring unique product concepts that enhance flavor in new and exciting ways.

Cooling Blends

Boost or extend the fresh feeling with long lasting cooling that targets specific locations in the mouth.


Expand market share by adding vitamins or pharmaceuticals to your products, blending good taste with good health.

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