115 Years
of Innovation


Company founder I.P. Callison signs a contract with a Canadian speculator to deliver 60,000 pounds of cascara bark (native to the Pacific Northwest). Seeing a high-growth market opportunity, Callison gives up his newspaper business and dives headlong into the cascara bark trade.


World War I abruptly halts the import of digitalis and digitoxin used in heart-regulating drugs. The source plant, foxglove leaf, is found in abundance in the Northwest, so Callison takes the opportunity to expand his trade.


I.P. Callison’s sons Cecil, Clarence and Henry Callison are taken into the firm and the name I.P. Callison & Sons is established.


Callison enters the mint market as a supplier and dealer of peppermint oil with the purchase of W.J. Lake & Co.


Callison purchases a pharmaceutical company, enabling expansion into the production of extracts, syrups, concentrates, resins and tinctures.


Callison introduces spearmint to the Pacific Northwest. Previously only cultivated in the Midwest, spearmint oil production goes from 32,000 pounds to 1,175,000 pounds over the next 10 years due to Callison’s industry leadership.


Callison works with farmers to develop a stripper unit that removes the small amount of oil left in wastewater following distillation. This process prevents contamination of freshwater streams; variations of the original Callison design are still used in the field today.


Callison discovers a way for growers to take two cuttings of peppermint in the same season, enabling higher yields per acre and the lowest cost oil of any U.S. growing region.


Drought conditions and high mint oil prices drive Callison to successfully expand spearmint production to Southern Alberta, Canada, taking advantage of vast acres of irrigated land.


Callison identifies Northern California as a potential growing region. Following test trials, peppermint acres are expanded and California mint oil begins to be widely accepted in the market.


Applications Lab Department Formed: Investment in an Applications Lab was a normal evolution for Callisons commitment to meet customer needs. Applications has expertise in confection, chewing gum, oral care and savory.


Specialty Products Group Established in New Facility in Hamlet: In 2001 an investment was made with the establishment of a new Specialty Products group in Hamlet, Indiana with the primary purpose of expanding Callisons capabilities in separation science.

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