Callisons Expands Versa™ Line to Dry Flavors

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September 14, 2020

In 2019 we announced the launch of Versa™ line of flavor modifiers.  This range of products was developed to enhance, boost, improve and add sensations to our customers new and existing finished product applications.  The original  line of Versa™ products were developed to be used in liquid  beverage, confection, bakery and oral care applications.  Today, we are announcing the launch of Versa™Dry  an expansion of the original line that can be used in dry blend Beverage, Food and Oral Care applications.  The new Versa™Dry line includes:

Versa™Mask developed to:

  • Reduce off notes caused by protein and functional ingredients
  • Reduce bitterness
  • Reduce unwanted notes caused by non-nutritive sugar sweeteners

Versa™Boost developed to:

  • Enhance the overall sweetness impact
  • Impart sugar-like perception
  • Increase desired sweetness

For more information on our original Versa™ line or the new Versa™Dry products reach out to your account manager today or!  You can also find information by signing up for Callisons FlavorChoice™ today!