Callisons Launches Line of Flavor Modifiers

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March 13, 2019

Callisons team of expert Flavorists has developed a unique line of flavors designed to give your products a competitive advantage. The Callisons Versa™ platform can be utilized to enhance, mask or add signature notes to your beverage, confection, oral care and bakery products.

The Versa™ line currently contains six natural product solutions:

  • Versa™Mint – Elevates, enhances and accentuates
  • Versa™Mask – Reduces and masks off-notes
  • Versa™Boost – Increases sweetness impact
  • Versa™Full – Improves the overall body and mouthfeel
  • Versa™Smooth – Reduces burn and astringency
  • Versa™Sense – Adds sensations including mouthwatering and cooling

The Versa™ product line can be built into new and existing flavors.  For more information visit or contact us at