Callisons Opens House of Flavor


March 4, 2020

For more than 100 years, Callisons has provided flavor solutions to the largest names in oral care, confection and beverages. Now, Callisons is serving these flavors and aromas up fresh from their new House of Flavor, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. More about Callisons flavoring capabilities is available at

Callisons House of Flavor is an open concept workspace designed to give customers a seat at the table. With an in-house kitchen and laboratory, partners are able to taste test flavors in real time.

“There is science to flavoring, but, there are also the human elements of craftsmanship and the four senses,” said Jim Burgett, fourth generation family member and president of Callisons. “With the House of Flavor, we’re pulling up chairs and serving up tastes and making it possible for our clients and flavorists to really handcraft these products together.”

With an artisan approach, Callisons House of Flavor makes it possible to sample in small batches. Goods can be produced and taste tested in-house, then, production can be scaled up to meet national or even global distribution needs. And as these brands continue to diversify their offerings, Callisons is leading the way in flavor and aroma solutions for many exciting new categories.

“Opening our House of Flavor in Cincinnati was a strategic move,” said Bob Motta, chief business development officer for Callisons. “Not only is Cincinnati regarded as a flavor hub nationally, it’s also easily accessed and provides proximity to sector leaders in oral care, confection, and beverages.”

With roots in mint dating back to 1903, Callisons sources naturally, cultivating relationships with growers and taking the freshest approach to flavoring and aromas. The result is relationships with household brands and familiar flavors that all start with Callisons.