Easter Oregon / Idaho

Physical Description
This region, also called EO&I (Eastern Oregon and Idaho), is located on the Snake River Plain in the central border region of Oregon and Idaho. It spreads between Glenns Ferry, Idaho and Ontario, Oregon.

2200 – 3500 ft (671 – 1067 m)

Irrigation water for this region comes mainly from 5 area reservoirs and the Snake and Boise Rivers. 60% of crops in the area are flood-irrigated, with the remaining 40% sprinkled.

Mint Varieties
Peppermint (Black Mitcham), Scotch Spearmint (Regular and 770) and a small amount of Native Spearmint.

Mint Oil Profile:
Peppermint: Fatty, Earthy, Green
Scotch Spearmint: Buttery, Sharp, Thin
Native Spearmint: Herbal, Spicy, Green, Full