Tour the Flavor Factory with Callisons!


August 2, 2023

Callisons has launched its newest digital experience with the Flavor Factory!

When you step into the Flavor Factory experience you will learn a little bit about Callisons, who we are and what we do. After starting your flavor journey, you travel from island to island selecting the type of product you want to develop, the types of flavors and attributes you would like to see and finally the color of your product!  For example, if you are working on an RTD Cocktail project, there is an option for that! From there you select your flavor combinations and any special attributes you want; we like a raspberry melon flavor that is candy-like.  After selecting your ideal flavor profile, you travel to the island of the TRANSMORPHER 5000 where you select what color you want your product to be, and press GO! After some sputtering around the TRANSMORPHER 5000 spits out a digital example of your product!

The best part is, if you want to see your product come to life, we make that happen! Click the free sample button, fill out the form and provide us with any additional information about your project that you would like us to know, and our team will get to work!

Join us at the FLAVOR FACTORY for an interactive flavor experience today!